Social Media – Are new changes in the air?

Social Medial…. Changes are in the air.

Social Media Not A Foriegn Language

Social Media does not need to be a foreign language.

So it would seem that social media is totally changing the way we communicate with others.  Now more than ever we will see brands following after the technology of social media.  When it comes to making yourself known, or your product known it seems as if there is constant change in the social media communities as they grow, and as new ones start up.

Social media has made the online marketing arena into a truly interactive experience, and that means that the big brands will continue to invest themselves to build and maintain their social medial presence.

As this resource has evolved on the internet it has move from its normal behavior targeting, to more opportunity based marketing for consumers.  You will now see companies likely focus on engaging with people and talking about their brands and showing their personal side while they connect with the consumers.

They are finding that people that have an opportunity to use social media with companies on average spend 20 – 40 % more with those companies, than the people that do not have the social media presence.

Can you imagine…?

They are actually saying that social media will make e-mail obsolete, and that we will see the further integration of them both.  While even here at my desk, I find it hard to believe that email could be replaced with social medial all together, you are definitely starting to see in the social networks that as you start to combine them they are strengthening each other and providing a more engaging experience for the consumer.

How do you keep up with the Big Boys?

It will become increasingly important to work on your Brands identity.  The followers on the internet do not see the product or service you are offering as a item, but rather as a person. You must allow the time it takes to start to give it “its own voice” on the internet, and helping it to establish it’s own online presence.   The brand should be developed with an identity that is more social, approachable and fun to be able to get itself noticed.

Don’t forget the Mobile Users..

Don’t forget that most of the users today are transitioning to being mobile. Recently there was a poll that found that there are more cell phones in use  here in the United States than people that actually live here.   It is important to also look at your site, brand, and social media for the people that are on the go.  Anyone that is looking to the internet to brand themselves, or product and services, will need to optimize their campaigns to meet the needs of their potential users.  They will need to remember the prominent social networks like Facebook and Twitter.  Companies are looking into the implementation of mobile apps to fully functioning mobi sites.

What do you mean there are lots of new Social Media Networks?  

Since the beginning of this social media wave, there have been many social media networks that have come and gone.  Each of them have their own attributes and followers.  From the micro-blogging arena of Twitter to a more corporate feel like LinkedIn, social networks are bringing in users with a vast difference in backgrounds.

If you are going to be able to keep up with the growth of the internet, you will need to keep up with the trends of social media.  Did you hear of Pinterest yet?  It is one of the fastest growing social media networks out there right now.  This particular network is based on pictures only right now, but if it is utilized correctly, it is being crawled by the internet giants, and search engines for its relevant marketing opportunities.

It would seem that we can’t all be lumped into one style of network like Facebook and the the gap in social media still can not be contained into one place on the internet.  As social media becomes even more integrated out there, companies are going to have to be up to speed of all the up and coming social media networks available to them.


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