Frustrated Customer Power

And then it happened…

Have you ever had a problem with a service provider like your local utility company. It happens to all of us. We call the number for customer service and find anything but. And now that you have had a lengthy phone call that normally consists of 2 hours, you realize that absolutely nothing really had been fixed, or worse yet get hung up on.

So you go onto the internet to see if there is any other way to communicate with the company. You find that they actually have a Facebook Page. So you log on and write about your problem and note all of the worthless attempts to discuss with the company the problem and what they did to resolve the issue. NOTHING!  You are also amazed that there are other customers that are out there as well that appear to have the same or similar issues.

Now comes the big surprise. You see that there is actually a way to contact the company privately to resolve this issue as there have been many complaints on the same thing, only to find that there have been no responses from the company there either.

Now you sit there… and wait, trying to think to yourself what you could possibly do next. You decide to check your email and find that they had emailed you asking you to now email them privately so that they can work on resolving the problem. After a few emails to them discussing with them this whole saga, you receive a phone call from a real live human that works for the utility company.


I have always found it odd to find out that customer service in companies like this always seems to be dead. If we could just get through the gate keepers to begin with, and we actually got to this guy, we would have saved so much time with them.

Having a great plan with social media has a lot of uses, and if the companies really understand the things that customers do and what they look for, they will use the plan to their advantage. Most companies that take the time to have a facebook page will have come up with some sort of plan to assist their customers.

So, to anyone experiencing issues with the customer service, here is some advice. Go back to the social media networks and take your problem to their site, or Facebook page, that’s where you may find the senior customer service reps that can actually help you.

Or, if you are a company that does not understand the power of your customers and think that they will remain silent. You need to find a good Social Media Manager, and have them assist you with a strategy to help you help your customers.  If you think that the rule now is still one customer tells only ten people…  think again.  With the social media networks out there, it could be more like thousands.  It is a great opportunity for you to really shine with customer service, and stand out from all the rest.