Boosting Profits with Social Media

Boosting the profits with Social Media

Utilizing the social media networks can be a great thing for corporate communications and will increase your bottom line.  However you will need to make sure that the message is sincere, truthful and comes from your voice, not the canned answers.

Lets face it; nobody wants to hear from a corporate robot.  We want to get involved with those that are individuals.

If you look at a good system of social media, you will see that you can have access to both the personal and business friends in our social media network sites.  Social Media should be a real extension to who you are.  On there you can see that we have our pictures, places we visit, and things that we do.  You will see the business things we provide you as well.  We have our inspirations, thoughts and pictures.  You see what you get, and get what you see.  This is to show the authenticity to others, allowing you to see that we are “REAL”.

In today’s world, where everything is online, being yourself is what counts the most.  It is one of the pillars that should build your social media house.  I categorize them as Fun, Pride, Being Yourself (REAL), and Attachment.  This is considered the intellectual currency that runs social media well.

Intellectual Currency is the collective feeling of well-being the folks have in their community and spheres.  If the ones that are looking at your social media sites feel as if they can trust what you say, you will at some point be a leader in their community.

Become that leader that is REAL

Successful use of social media for the business leader and personally is to build up two criterias.  Enough intellectual currency needs to be built up, and then a Real leader who captivates the community must show up.  How does one actually achieve this?  If you are in the position to lead the community, then you will have made it a point to have your corporate side (virtual world), and your personal side (physical world), be the same.

Now, as for the bottom line..  First spend the time building your community, then the money can follow.  If you try to do it in the reverse order, money will be repelled.